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Getting the right sponsors move into the event is key to every successful event. Big player sponsor means alighting a huge burden off your shoulders, also adding greater room to creativity without needing to evade financial constraints. As the room for innovation gets shrinking every passing day, we present some unique ideas to rope in a heavy sponsor for your event.

Event App spaceSponsors
Online advertising has made a huge inclination app-wards with more and more advertisers preferring this route to mark their presence online. App based advertisements provide a precise statistic about the number of clicks reached and thus space for a splash page in the app home activity or a label in the app display can be a great tool to lure in promoters into your event.


QR code-games
QR codes are the latest in the direction of graphical coded data display with the most noticeable being the Whatsapp web login based on scanning user QR code. Embedding display elements for the sponsor in login QR codes can be another creative way of introducing tech-savvy sponsors into your event.


Illuminated Interactive Walls
Giant Wall displays, mostly LEDs are the most eye-catchy amongst all glamour and glitz of an event. Displaying the sponsor logo or even running sponsor on-air promotion media can be a great lure given the potential reach of such displays.


Charging Stations

For most events, especially those happening day long the one thing that affects all audience is when their smartphone battery runs dry after a hectic half day or so. A common charging station displaying the sponsor logo can be a good way to leverage patronage for the sponsor company.

Branded registrations and confirmation messages

Most events have the common regimes of potential participants filling in data to register themselves for the event and a confirmatory message being sent to them. Introducing a label in these messages makes the sponsor link to the event stronger in minds of the attendees.

We at eventskart always believe in innovation being the key to making any event a success and our sponsors a big hit !!