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The Indian Marriage is a big, fat affair. Every Indian youth wishes to have a fairy-tale in place for the most special days of his/her life, but a lot goes-in behind cards to ensure a hassle-free and memorable occasion that is savoured for lifetime.

Planning is one of the key elements of a marriage as no fairy-tale is brought-up lacking a perfect script. This involves detailed planning with meticulous attention to every aspects of the event, even the pettiest ones. The most important element of any planning is to have a budget in place and once done, there must be emphasis on arranging the most efficient yet royal gathering possible. Some important, un-ignorable aspects of planning are:








Transport needless only mean arranging a eye candy for the lucky couple, it is as important to plan for the guests as well. Infact, this is one field where innovation can be put to great effect. I remember a particular instant when the whole groom’s party came along in delightfully coloured hand-pulled rickshaws, in another case there was a tram in place. Transportation need not be limited to buses, cars and coaches, the modern adventurous couples have even para-dived into their altar of togetherness.

The Perfect Venue


The next big thing in platter is the venue. Guest list plays an important role in deciding the perfect venue for the event. It must not as small to cause congestion neither as large as to cause isolation from the centre stage. Also, there must be a theme or idea for the event which the venue must deem fit, for instance you cannot have an open canopy as venue for a marriage arranged at Mississippi (Unless Umbrellas are theme of your event). It must be airy, well ventilated and well connected to essential locations.

The Wedding Mandap


The Centre of all affairs, the wedding mandap must be planned with utmost precision. To begin with, the size- it must have ample space for all rituals to be comfortably placed within, also it must be placed at a location that is easily accessible through the venue. There are huge choice of innovation in this corner as well such as a rotating dais or a floating platform, etc.The mandap design can be an open canopy or even a back drop design. But, for functions planned in the open sunshine, a top-covered canopy is good as it protects from the sun as well. Due arrangements must also be made for seating around the mandap.

Choosing Flowers and Favors


Fresh flowers and their charismatic fragrance is the familiar story with every marriage function. Flowers must be delicately chosen to match the theme of the event and also their availability at that time of the season. Wedding Favors or gifts are what carry the most in the guests memory so they must be carefully chosen to ensure optimum contentment and yet have a personal taste of the couple shining of it.



These are the most precious pixels of a couple’s journey of togetherness and ultimately become the last standing witness to the function. Hence, you always need a professional taking care of this aspect to ensure you have a collection of all candid moments of the event and the rituals, that you can savour lifetime.

It’s said Couples are created in heaven and Marriage is just meant to celebrate them. We at Eventskart always aim to re-create that heaven, to create a beautiful initiation to the lovely journey ahead !!