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When it comes to choosing a place to hold an event or celebrate an occasion, banquet rooms usually score quite high. They are used for many different reasons including holding private functions or business events and more. When you need to select a hall, there are several things that you must consider:
• Location – It is best to find a location that is central and within a short driving distance. A location that is far away or isolated usually does not work very well because most people will find driving out too far to be too much trouble. You may also need to consider the traffic in the area you live. If traffic is heavy, find a hall not too far away.
• Capacity – You probably know how many people you want to invite to the event. Always look for a hall that can accommodate the said number of people. Find one that is spacious enough for your guests to sit comfortably, have wide enough paths and more.
• Interior Décor – When you select a hall, it will need to work well with your overall theme. The way the room is designed will affect the interior décor that you can use. Banquet rooms will need to be decorated so that you capture the mood of the day. If it is an awards event, it should be elegant. If it is a party, then the décor and mood should be festive. Whatever add-ons you get, such as flowers, should be carefully selected to match the event and the hall.
• Set Up – You will need to decide on the set up and this is usually based on the shape of the room as well as its size. Consider the seating arrangement. Will you have round tables, or long tables? You also want to consider where and how the food will be arranged as well as how the stage and podium will be set up. The stage needs to match the décor and the theme of your event.
• Facilities – These cannot be ignored. Consider the air conditioning in the banquet rooms, the furniture, culinary, sound system, audiovisual set up and the bathrooms too. Parking space can become an issue if it is limited, so ensure that there is enough for all your guests. If you will be using their in-house caterers, be sure to check out the menu and where possible, have a taste test.