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When hosting an event such as a wedding reception, corporate function or a large party, you may need to book a banquet room in order to accommodate all of your guests. During the process of narrowing down the many banquet rooms, it is important to ask the facilities more than just what they will charge you.
                          It is important to do plenty of research about the venue you are considering so that there are no unwelcome surprises challenging you on the day of your event. Especially when you are planning something as important as a wedding, you do not want any problems causing extra stress on your special day. Below are important questions to ask managers of the property when choosing your ideal banquet room.


Are There Maximum or Minimum Requirements?
All banquet rooms have a maximum number of guests that they can safely and comfortable accommodate. Some facilities also have minimum requirements as well. Once you have your guest list prepared, look for a banquet hall that will comfortably and affordably fit your needs.

What Discounts Are Available?
There are a couple of questions you can ask to possibly receive a lower rate for your room, for instance asking if there are discounts available if you are willing to book the room or rooms during the off-season. You may also ask if there is a discount available if you are willing to book a large number of guest rooms at the location.

mainWhat Services Are Provided By the Facility?
Some banquet rooms include additional in-house services such as DJs, caterers, bartenders or waiters. The facility may provide these services at an additional fee, provide a list of vendors that they recommend or require that you make all of these arrangements.

securityWhat Do You Need to Do to Secure the Room?
Different banquet rooms might have different requirements for booking the rooms. Some will require a signed contract, a deposit and/or requests many months in advance. When you are seriously considering a particular banquet space, be sure to ask about these booking requirements well in advance so that you will be able to secure the space once you have made your decision.