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              “Make your happily ever after a reality without breaking the bank”

What’s in a Wedding Budget?

Coming up with cheap wedding ideas can be a hassle especially if the blushing couple plans on giving their guests something to look forward to and wedding memories that will last them a lifetime. Of course organizing a reception that everyone will be talking about forever is anything but easy especially in the new millennium.



Planning Things out                 

It is during times like these that the happy couple should put their heads together and determine how their finances will pay for the big day. Is having a horse drawn carriage carry the bride to the church really a good idea?  Your guests will not hold it against you if the reception buffet does not include shrimp cocktail.


Make a List and Stick to it

Needless to say,a to-do list should come in handy in staying within a wedding budget. The list should include priorities such as food,the ceremony,flowers, attire, transportation, invitations, photography services, catering services, music and anything else that couple will have to pay for. The next step would be to list each item according to importance. This will help them decide what priority takes precedence and they can do without.


Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners do not just plan weddings; they also act as financial advisers to engaged couples throughout the whole event. In other words, they are experienced in organizing beautiful weddings for couples who are on a budget and know when to set limits. Most people are under the misconception that hiring the services of a wedding planner would be an added expense but end up singing a different tune when they are faced with a mountain of debt after the festivities are over.Rather the professionals would balance the budget.


Never go into Debt!

A couple doesn’t have to go into debt for just one day. That is no way for them to start the first day of the rest of their lives. They will be left with mountains of bills that they will still have to pay for after the reception is over and done with unless they say within budget.

A helping hand and a few budgeting tricks will help the blushing bride or groom tie up all the loose ends before the big day. The last thing they need to find out is that someone forgot to order the wedding cake or that they can’t afford it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how a couple can plan a cheap wedding that everyone will be talking about for a long time to come.