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Do you have a special event coming up? Are clients or investors coming into town? Do you need classroom space to effectively train your new employees? Do you have family coming into town for a reunion, but you’re short on space at your home? These are just a few of the reasons you might have for considering renting conference rooms. Let’s talk about your options and the best solutions for these very likely scenarios.
Special Classes and Training
What do you do if you have to hold a class or bring in an expert to train your staff on new equipment or procedures? You can’t just stuff everyone into an office or cubicle. You could split your employees into small groups and have the trainer go through the program with them one at a time. However, this could take up valuable time and cost you extra money for the extra effort on the trainer’s part.
Instead of paying to have your staff trained three or five times over, you could spend a little bit of money and rent a conference room.
Presentation Equipment
Are you presenting new products or services to your current or potential clients? Of course, you’ll want to give them a tour of your facility, but you won’t necessarily want to present your new products to them in your office. If they’re from out of town, you may be able to rent a conference room in the same hotel where they are staying.
This will be convenient for them, and it will allow you access to presentation equipment like a professional-grade projector, WiFi, all of the connections you’ll need, and tech support, as well, for setup and tear down. Also, if for some reason something goes wrong, you’ll have support right there to help you fix the problem and get on with your presentation.
Do you have partners, investors, or clients in remote locations? You can’t always fly to them or bring them to you. You can, however, rent one of the many conference rooms for professional teleconferences. This way you can have a video conference that will be much more professional than just Skyping with your clients or partners from your office. This is an especially good option if you need to have a full meeting with your remote partners or clients, rather than a one-on-one talk or a blind conference call.
Family Affairs
If you’re planning a family reunion or a luncheon with friends, you might want to consider a space that’s a bit larger and easier to navigate than your home or a local restaurant. You can rent conference rooms for family gatherings, as well as for business meetings, presentations, or classes.