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As a lavishly decorated Seven Heavens Banquet hall waited in Eventskart Diariesanticipation, arrived the guest of the moment. A Surprise boomed across her face as what appeared as a normal service day for the restaurant, from outside had been tastefully decorated to celebrate her big day. As she was slowly gulping down the sudden burst of events, appeared an intoxicatingly beautiful double layered cake intricately iced with unique natural red roses, again a personal favourite of the birthday girl.

Soon guests flowed in and were welcomed by a colourful display of balloon-made handicrafts that added to the aesthetic value of the gala event. As the traditional birthday chores followed, the guests were served with mouth-watering delicacies that were strictly vegan noting the food choices of the hosts. This was followed by several fun-filled events that made the evening even more happening. Not to forget the specially designed selfie Corner, that ensured each guest had a token of memory with them as the celebrations marked conclusions.
Eventskart DiariesMr. Agarwal, the man behind getting this surprise for his lovely wife was extremely satisfied with the seamless turn of events and more so by the cutting-edge planning and executions that ensured a complete restaurant banquet entertained his guests and ensued a gala celebrations for a bill that he aptly defined, ”worth peanuts”.
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