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If you’re planning to hold a conference in a location other than your corporate headquarters, a significant portion of your time will be spent within the actual space(s) that you choose, and therefore it’s important to make sure you have landed the best deal for you and your attendees according to your specific needs.
When you’re playing host for a conference, or planning one for clients, here are a few practical matters to consider in order ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the experience according to the requirements and budget that you’re working with:
1.Identifying whether a space is right
banquet hall in bhubaneswarIf you have many guests, you will need large conference rooms with a big projection screen (or multiple screens) for corporate events like annual general meetings. Of course, the space must be well wired to the public address to ensure that everyone can hear you well. International delegates’ conferences may require additional devices, like headsets for translators in the different languages.
However, if you’re entertaining a smaller crowd, a smaller meeting room with teleconferencing facilities and intimately set tables and chairs would do splendidly. The key is to have balance depending on the numbers you’re hosting. The best way is to request for confirmation of attendance prior to the event so that you have a rough estimate to work with.
banquet hall in bhubaneswar2.Seamless flow between sessions
Where you have joint sessions, after which attendees will be separated into smaller groups, you will need to identify a facility which can accommodate this arrangement – the large conference room as well as the number of smaller rooms to host the break-away sessions for workshops and all-day seminars. For a smooth flow, the spaces should not be too far apart, but also not so close together that activities in one place interfere with what’s going on in the other places.
banquet hall in bhubaneswar3.Technology
In this age of technology, conventional lectures are no longer acceptable, neither are they engaging. Therefore, technology is your friend, and the higher you can go, the better. Ensure you have the meeting room well wired for PowerPoint presentations and other projections, with the right equipment for every activity that will go on.
Take advantage of these facilities to spice up the program by showing videos and other interactive features so that guests do not lose interest. It’s even better where each guest can have their own gadgets like computers so that they can participate and individually try out ideas being offered.
banquet hall in bhubaneswar4.The venue
While not pertinent to the meeting room itself, it goes without saying that you have to choose the venue very carefully. It should be located in an accessible place for all or majority of the attendees.
The meals and waiting services should be of high quality, and if delegates are going to be spending the night there, the accommodation and after-work entertainment should also be top-notch. Bearing all this in mind will ensure you score the right facility to host your guests.